5 More International Shipping Risks


1. Banking Costs You may run into very high banking costs when shipping internationally. You need to factor in these banking costs when calculating shipping costs so make sure that you request a cost schedule from your bank before calculating final costs. 2. Theft Theft is more of a problem in developing countries such as […]

Reducing Shipping Costs through Parcel Audits

parcel shipping

  Reducing shipping costs has become a growing concern for various industries as a result of the down economy.  Many customers are trying to find ways to reduce costs, whether freight or parcel shipping, without sacrificing service or options. One way customers can save on shipping is to outsource a parcel audit.   What Does […]

The Accent on You

PNG Logistics is a full service Third Party Logistics (3PL) company that has helped hundreds of clients to lower their freight costs and increase shipping efficiencies. Our service is highly personalized and every shipment we handle is managed by an experienced logistics expert with our clients' best interest in mind.

In addition to enhanced service and peace of mind, PNG clients typically enjoy freight cost savings from 10% to 40% compared to their current transportation and shipping costs.

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