Major LTL Carriers UPS Freight, Fedex,YRC, and ABF announces RATE INCREASES

It seems like when one carrier raises rates they all follow suit. Let’s take a look at the breakdown of the rate increases and answer the big questions.

Q. Who will this LTL rate increases effect?

A. All non-contractual rates so, in this aspect around 20% of the carrier’s clients who are not under contract

Q. What is UPS freight’s general rate increase going to be?

A. 5.9% this will effect all non-contractual shipments in its LTL segment

Q. When will the UPS rate increases take effect?

A. Effective October 18th 2010 this general rate increase will go into effect.

Q. What is the rate increases for YRC ?

A. YRC already announced a 5.9% general rate increase.

Q. What is the general rate increase for FEDEX?

A. The general rate increase for FEDEX is 6.9% this will go into effect November 1st.

Q. What is the rate increase for ABF?

A. Already in effect ABF has raised those non contractual rates 5.9%

Q. Will the rate increases effect my business?

A. Depending on your situation this may be the case. Keep in mind that these general rate increase may be  a sign that when contract negotiations come up your current carrier may not be as aggressive with their discounts. It may be time to evaluate your current shipping cost and plan for the 2011 shipping season.

Q. What can I do to better manage my  LTL rates?

A. We always suggest our clients take a look at all the factors including service, prices, reliability, and efficiency. Consult with an expert like PNGLC to get all your questions answered. If you have distributed your business amongst several carriers it may be time to consolidate your freight under one company like PNGLC.

Q. How can I get a hold of PNGLC.

A. Our toll free number is 877-764-9441, you can email or you can check us out online at

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